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January 17, 2020
Pennacchio Named “Advocacy Champion” by NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking

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Senator Joe Pennacchio was honored as a 2020 Advocacy Champion by the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NJCAHT).

Formed in 2011, the NJCAHT is a non-profit comprised of 180 unique groups, including faith-based organizations, government agencies, academics, and law enforcement, who stand united against human trafficking.

Sen. Joe Pennacchio was honored as an Advocacy Champion by the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking. (

“Human trafficking is modern day slavery, and it’s happening today, right here in New Jersey,” said Pennacchio (R-26). “By staying alert and informed of red flags, we can help those who are trapped and prevent innocent people from falling victim to this heinous crime. Working together on a bipartisan basis, the New Jersey Legislature can help end this exploitation and provide survivors the support they need.”

In the prior legislative session, Pennacchio co-sponsored three legislative initiatives to combat human trafficking. His bill to require the NJ Department of Education to create guidelines for schools to raise students awareness of child trafficking and how to prevent child trafficking was signed into law by the Governor.

  • A-1428 (Now Law): This bill requires the Department of Education, in consultation with the Office of the Attorney General and the Department of Children and Families, to develop and distribute to school districts guidelines concerning child trafficking.
    S-540: Known as the “Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act,” this anti-exploitation bill would make it a crime to manufacture or sell a product that makes content accessible on the Internet unless the product contains digital blocking capabilities that renders obscene materials inaccessible.
    S-3678: This bill would create a process for a human trafficking victim that would expunge all arrests and charges for crimes committed while that person was a victim of human trafficking.

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