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Senator Kip Bateman Senator Kip Bateman (R-16)
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December 16, 2019
Bateman Measure Supporting Shared Services to Ease Burden on Taxpayers Approved by Senate

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Kip Bateman encouraging cost-saving shared service arrangements to save taxpayer money was approved today by the Senate.

Sen. Bateman’s bill encourages shared services to save taxpayer’s money. (pixabay)

“It’s no secret New Jersey’s property taxes are the highest in the nation,” said Bateman (R-16). “It’s time for Trenton to start finding ways to save taxpayer money. In many cases, sharing services between municipalities or government entities will deliver the same level of service at significant cost savings and provide desperately needed relief to tax-weary families.”

Bateman’s bill, S3763, re-titles any public body providing essential government functions through a joint contract as Regional Service Agencies, more accurately reflecting their roles. Currently, they are referred to as Joint Meetings.

“More than 40 percent of the people who live here say they are planning to leave the state,” Bateman said. “The astronomical tax burden of living here is driving them away. By encouraging and promoting cost-saving arrangements, we can start to make the state more affordable and give those families reason to stay home in New Jersey.”

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