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November 25, 2019
Oroho: FDU Poll Confirms NJ Taxpayers Have Had Enough of Irresponsible Government Spending

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Senator Steve Oroho issued the following statement after the release of a poll conducted for Fairleigh Dickinson University’s School of Public & Global Affairs and Garden State Initiative found that 44 percent of New Jersey residents are “planning to leave the state in the not too distant future.”

Sen. Oroho reiterated his call for the significant reforms recommended in the Path to Progress report after a survey found almost half of New Jersey residents plan to move out of the state. (©

“People are sick and tired of the debt, and spend and hide philosophies of New Jersey government that has turned our state into a fiscal mess.  New Jersey has been a great place to live, work and raise kids, but living here has become unaffordable for too many families.

“The poll’s disturbing findings highlight the public’s frustration with irresponsible government spending and proves it is time to enact the significant reforms we proposed in the bipartisan Path to Progress.

“Our plan addresses the primary government cost drivers, including unsustainable promises for pensions and benefits. These reforms are urgent and necessary. We can never have significant, long-term property tax savings without them.

“It’s time to act now, before too many more people put their escape plans into motion.”

Oroho served as a co-chair of the bipartisan NJ Economic & Fiscal Policy Workgroup to investigate and recommend cost-saving government reforms proposed in the Path to Progress report released in August 2018. He currently serves as the Senate Republican Budget Officer.

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