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July 25, 2019
10th District Legislators Urge Governor to Sign Bill to Provide Tax Relief on Jersey Shore Rentals

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Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and Dave Wolfe are calling on Governor Phil Murphy to sign legislation to fix a 2018 law that taxes homeowners and summer rentals. The bill (S-3158/A-4814) has been on the governor’s desk since June 27, but rather than signing it, he is vacationing in Italy with his family.

Holzapfel, McGuckin & Wolfe are calling on Gov. Murphy to sign legislation to fix a 2018 law that taxes homeowners and summer rentals.  While the governor vacations in Italy, the bill still sits on his desk. (Wikimedia Commons)

“Governor Murphy should listen to the concerns of homeowners and small business owners along the Shore who are raising the alarm about the impacts of this tax increase on short-term beach rentals,” stated Holzapfel. “This bill must be signed immediately to eliminate this detrimental tax which impacts all aspects of the Jersey Shore economy.”

The Senate and Assembly both unanimously passed the bill in June however the governor has not signed it and is stalling on a critical piece of legislation. The bill exempts homeowners who rent directly to vacationers from last year’s “Airbnb Tax” which extended the 6.625 percent sales tax and the 5 percent hotel and motel occupancy fee to private rentals of less than 90 days.

“Instead of helping the hard working homeowners of the Jersey Shore, the governor chose to leave the country and take his family to Italy on vacation,” added McGuckin. “Our summer season is halfway over and the governor still refuses to sign this urgent bill to help our Shore economy thrive. It seems as if he cares more about the Italian tourism industry than New Jersey’s.”

“The simple fact is Governor Murphy’s beach rental tax continues to make New Jersey even more unaffordable than it already was,” said Assemblyman Wolfe. “This tax is affecting our billion dollar tourism economy and without the governor’s signature we stand to lose even more tourists to other states.”

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