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March 7, 2019
District 10 Legislators to Gov. Murphy: We Can’t Afford New Programs

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Governor’s budget includes spending for college aid to illegal immigrants and overfunding Pre-K

On behalf of students and taxpayers in Ocean County, Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Dave Wolfe and Greg McGuckin (all R-10) issued the following response to Governor Murphy’s budget address. The lawmakers noted that the funding cuts in the Governor’s proposed budget would drastically affect public schools in their district, such as Brick and Toms River Township.

District 10 lawmakers sound off on Gov. Murphy’s budget, noting that his proposed funding cuts would drastically affect public schools in their district, such as Brick and Toms River Township. (

“While our constituents are being told that there is not enough money for school funding, Governor Murphy is handing out money to other programs that would give free college tuition and financial aid to illegal immigrants. State spending is out of control and our taxpayers and students are paying the price.

“On Tuesday, many students and teachers from around the state, including a number from our district, came to Trenton to protest education funding cuts. Brick Township and Toms River Regional are some of the most efficient and fiscally responsible school districts in the state. They spend less per pupil than the state average. Penalizing our schools for being fiscally responsible by redirecting millions of dollars to new programs is an insult to schools that are facing staffing cuts and cancellations of extracurricular programs for students.

“The most alarming aspect of the proposal includes spending another $68 million to increase Pre-K and daycare to $800 million. Meanwhile, schools like Toms River and Brick are considering cancelling full day kindergarten all together as a result of their funding cuts. How is the state planning to pay for this increase when we can’t even properly fund our K-12 schools? This is a flawed and unjust formula that hurts our students and communities. We will continue to fight for school funding fairness.”

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