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March 4, 2019
Singer’s ‘Meals on Wheels in New Jersey Fund’ Passes Committee

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Robert Singer that would allow New Jersey residents to set aside part of their tax refund to benefit Meals on Wheels has passed the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

Sen. Bob Singer’s bill would help seniors in need by allowing NJ residents to set aside part of their tax refund to benefit Meals on Wheels. (©iStock)

“8 in 10 food-insecure seniors are not receiving the meals they need. Many more are coping with isolation, or a myriad of serious health issues. Meals on Wheels is a tremendous resource for these folks, but the organization needs much more help,” Senator Singer said. “As our elderly population continues to grow, nonprofits like Meals on Wheels will be instrumental in our outreach efforts to ensure more seniors can stay healthy and happy in their own homes. This is a great way for more people to stand up and show their support.”

The bill, S-463, establishes the “Meals on Wheels in New Jersey Fund” and provides for a designation on the State gross income tax return that will permit taxpayers to make voluntary contributions to the fund.

Any money collected would specifically benefit local, independently-run chapters of Meals on Wheels that operate in New Jersey.

Under current law, taxpayers have the option to give a portion of their refund to benefit more than 25 nonprofit organizations, including the Cat and Dog Spay/Neuter Fund and cancer research. Senator Singer’s bill would add Meals on Wheels to the list of eligible nonprofits.

“Meals and Wheels volunteers offer much more than a hot meal – they are often the first line of defense for a homebound senior who may be experiencing a crisis, and needs extra support. They provide friendship, perform safety checks, and create communities for those in need. It is an honor to sponsor this bill and ensure we can continue to show our appreciation for such a dedicated and well-regarded nonprofit,” Singer added.

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