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February 25, 2019
Connors, Rumpf & Gove: Price Tag for Taxpayer-Funded Tuition Aid for Illegal Aliens Is a Slap in the Face to Legal Citizens

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Senator Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove released the following statement in response to news that the State has already spent more than $1.5 million on taxpayer-funded student loans for persons living in the country illegally. The 9th District delegation has vehemently opposed legislation that authorized State tuition aid for illegal aliens.

District 9 lawmakers reiterate their opposition to legislation that authorized the State to spend millions on taxpayer-funded student loans for illegal aliens. (

According to report by, the state spent $1.6 million during the fall 2018 semester to provide aid to more than 500 illegal aliens. The program is expected to grow over the coming years, according to HESAA.

In light of the state’s current fiscal crisis, the delegation issued the following remarks regarding this irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars:

“State benefits are for taxpayers living in New Jersey legally. Period. That’s why we’ve voted against the law signed by Governor Christie that provided in-state tuition to illegal aliens, as well as the law recently signed by Governor Murphy to give tuition assistance to these same persons. What’s even more infuriating, is that this could become an even bigger burden as the program grows, taking more opportunities away from American students in the near future.

“Unfortunately, as if there was any doubt, Trenton Democrats are prioritizing the needs of illegal aliens over the needs of taxpayers who are living in this state legally, many of whom are in need of assistance. Wouldn’t it be nice if Trenton prioritized property tax relief programs to assist those struggling to afford living in this state instead?

“Too many parents can’t afford to send their kids to college. Those same parents now have to watch State aid that should be helping their family go to someone who came to this country illegally. Adding insult to injury, illegal aliens receiving this State aid will also be filling the limited spots in our state’s colleges and universities, denying a legal citizen, perhaps even a veteran, opportunities to take the classes they want.

“New Jersey’s illegal alien policy is a fiscal train wreck that needs to discarded immediately and replaced by a policy that respects the rights of legal, taxpaying citizens.”

The 9th District delegation has an online petition drive to stop New Jersey from becoming a sanctuary state. To sign the petition, which now has nearly 20,000 signatures, visit:

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