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November 30, 2018
Pennacchio & Bucco: NJ Lost Honeywell’s HQ Because of Murphy’s Anti-Business Agenda

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Senators Joe Pennacchio (R-26) and Anthony Bucco (R-25) released the following statement in regards to today’s reports that Honeywell, a Morris Plains-based company, is moving its global headquarters to North Carolina.

Sens. Joe Pennacchio and Anthony Bucco said Gov. Murphy’s bad-for-business policies are driving companies like Honeywell out of state. (Wikimedia)

Morris Plains is a municipality within Senator Pennacchio’s Legislative District.

“Governor Murphy’s anti-business agenda means we are always at risk of companies like Honeywell leaving for greener pastures,” Pennacchio said. “The Governor must focus more on New Jersey workers, and less on his expensive liberal wish list. Bad-for-business policies like the recent CBT increase and Murphy’s endless tax hikes force high-paying jobs out of state. We can’t afford it.”

“My community could losing hundreds of good jobs. New Jersey has a location that is second to none. We have a highly-educated and eager workforce. What we lack is leadership in the executive branch. It’s time for the Governor to stop taxing and regulating businesses out of state. Murphy must stop placing pot, dreams of a sanctuary state, and salting for imaginary storms above the needs of our families,” Pennacchio added.

“As someone who has grown a business and created jobs in New Jersey, I understand the need for pragmatic policies that help business owners stay above water, and ultimately help them thrive,” Bucco said. “Governor Murphy needs to understand that New Jersey is the least business-friendly state in America. This is unacceptable.”

“Hopefully the Honeywell shock will illustrate the importance of enacting policies like my legislation, S-2356. This bill would allow us to discover the tangible reasons why so many job creators are leaving New Jersey. We need this data in order to implement policies that draw innovators to our state, instead of driving them away,” Bucco added.

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