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November 2, 2018
Thompson Says Voters Who Did Not Receive Requested Mail-in Ballots Should Go to Polls and Vote Provisionally

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Senator Sam Thompson addressed concerns raised by constituents in recent days that they will be unable to cast a vote in the upcoming general election due to mail-in ballots they requested never arriving.

Sen. Sam Thompson says voters who have not received requested mail-in ballots for the upcoming general election should go to their local polling station on Election Day and vote by provisional ballot. (

“My legislative office has been contacted by a number of constituents from Middlesex County who are concerned that their mail-in ballots have not arrived yet for the general election that’s just days away,” said Thompson (R-12). “The Middlesex County Clerk is advising anyone who does not receive their mail-in ballot to go to their local polling station on Election Day and vote by provisional ballot. That’s the best way to ensure that your vote will be counted.”

At their request, Thompson contacted the Middlesex County Clerk with the names of voters who had not received the mail-in ballots they ordered for the general election.

According to the Clerk, each of the individuals was recorded as having been sent their ballot, and in some instances, two or three ballots were sent to those who continued to report not receiving them.

The Clerk has published answers to FAQ About Elections on her website, including the following guidance on mail-in ballots:

If I apply and receive a Vote by Mail ballot, can I vote at the polls instead?

If you did not receive or return your vote by mail ballot, you may vote by provisional ballot at the polls.

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