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October 5, 2018
New Corrado Bill Would Require For-Profit Cemeteries to Pay Fair Share of Local Taxes

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Legislation Eliminates Exemption for Commercial Cemeteries that Masquerade as Charities

Senator Kristin Corrado (R-40) has introduced legislation that would eliminate property tax exemptions for cemeteries that turn a profit.

Sen. Kristin Corrado’s legislation would eliminate property tax exemptions for cemeteries that turn a profit. (

“For-profit companies must pay their fair share of taxes,” Corrado said. “Currently, money-making cemeteries have been benefiting from a nonprofit system. This is unfair. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill.”

Under current law, cemeteries are exempt from a wide-range of taxes, including the sales taxes, income taxes, property taxes, and business taxes.

Sen. Corrado’s bill, S-2932, would limit the property tax exemption solely to cemeteries that are owned by a nonprofit, such as a religious entity.

This would ensure that all commercial cemeteries Statewide pay their fair share of local taxes.

“Right now, for-profit cemeteries in New Jersey are masquerading as charities, and demanding to be treated as such. This is unconscionable,” Senator Corrado added. “Every taxpayer dollar must be spent wisely. Let’s make sure that property tax exemptions go to real charities that have actually earned this designation, not to fake nonprofits.”

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