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Senator Chris Brown Senator Chris Brown (R-2)
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September 28, 2018
Brown Gets NJ Transit to Change Plan to Help Families

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A Message from Senator Chris Brown:

“Initially, the NJ Transit (NJT) plan for the Atlantic City Rail Line was completely unfair and unacceptable,” Senator Chris Brown said. “This plan left our commuters with no acceptable alternative, and no hope the line would return to service.

Sen. Chris Brown fought for accessible and timely transportation alternatives for the duration of the Atlantic City Rail closure. (@ChrisBrownNJ)

“As you may recall, NJ Transit’s plan required train commuters to use the No. 554 bus. Our hardworking families faced a two and a half hour commute. And worse,¬†NJT seemed to hint that the line would never reopen at all.

“I requested that NJT treat our community with respect and dignity. So last month, we welcomed NJT Executive Director Richard Corbett to the Atlantic City terminal, he listened firsthand to our concerns, and answer our questions.

“After hearing our united voice, Mr. Corbett confirmed the Atlantic City Rail Line will reopen next year. Further, NJ Transit is now providing express shuttles to and from our rail stations at the same frequency as the rail line.”

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