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August 20, 2018
Bucco Calls for Action on Pro-Business Legislation

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As part of an ongoing effort to make New Jersey more business-friendly, Senator Anthony Bucco is calling for the passage of his legislation to require the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJLWD) to conduct exit interviews with companies that close their doors or relocate to another state.

As part of an ongoing effort to make NJ more business-friendly, Sen. Anthony Bucco is calling for the passage of his bill to conduct exit interviews with companies that close or relocate to another state. (©iStock)

“We already know, just based on anecdotal evidence, that too many local companies are shutting down entirely or relocating operations to a more business-friendly state. These are decisions that impact the lives of countless families. We have to do more to find out how we can keep job creators from leaving,” Senator Bucco (R-25) said. “By requiring an exit interview, we can discover the real reasons why companies are closing up shop, and implement policies that will encourage them to grow in New Jersey instead.”

Sen. Bucco’s bill, S-2356, aims to discover the tangible reasons why local companies are exiting the Garden State.

More than 2,000 New Jersey jobs were placed at-risk this year, due to employers closing their stores or moving to a new state, according to a report by NJ Advance Media. The at-risk businesses named in the report included Sears, Sam’s Club, and other influential companies.

Sen. Anthony Bucco’s legislation, S-2356, would require the NJ LDW to send out surveys to companies that close, or leave the state.

Survey questions would include:

• Were any taxes or regulations a factor in the company’s departure?
• What laws has the employer found problematic?
• Has the company had any contact with State departments or agencies to address regulation concerns?

Bucco noted that the information would be provided to State leaders, which will allow New Jersey to correctly address problems and make changes to keep and attract employers to New Jersey.

“We need to move beyond the guessing games and rely on solid information,” Bucco said. “Exploring how we can make New Jersey more affordable and a more attractive place to own and operate a business is something I am extremely passionate about. It’s one of the reasons why I agreed to sit on the bipartisan Economic and Fiscal Policy Working Group.

“The recommendations our panel released are a start, but there is certainly more we can do, and passing my survey bill a good example of an additional step we can take in that direction.

“That is why I am calling on my colleagues in the Legislature to advance S-2356, so we can finally get our hands on the concrete data we need to keep businesses here and provide job security for countless workers across New Jersey.”

Click here for a copy of Sen. Anthony Bucco’s legislation.

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