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July 5, 2018
Pennacchio Bill Cuts Red Tape to Help Veterans Get Hired

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Bill Inspired by Local Veteran Will Help Military Personnel to Enter Civil Service

The New Jersey Senate unanimously passed legislation sponsored by Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26) that would remove an unnecessary bureaucratic hurdle for veterans applying for civil service jobs in New Jersey.

Senator Pennacchio’s bill to remove unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles for veterans applying for civil service jobs in New Jersey has passed the Senate on July 1, 2018. (WikiCommons)

“It’s inspiring to see a veteran who has honorably served our nation return home and continue serving their community,” Pennacchio said. “Unfortunately, red tape can make it extremely difficult for these heroes to claim New Jersey’s civil service veteran’s preference, so they can continue to serve the public. These veterans have placed their lives on the line for our freedom. We should make it easier for them to utilize such an important career benefit.”

In 2015, while completing active duty in the New Jersey National Guard, Benjamin Ouckama was unable to have his veteran’s status approved by the Adjutant General prior to completing an open competitive exam when applying for a firefighting position. As a result, he was ranked non-veteran eligible.

Senator Pennacchio’s legislation, S-1305, would allow veterans to complete a self-declared sworn statement, in lieu of the Adjutant General’s determination of veteran’s status, confirming that the individual meets the veteran’s preference requirements.

Currently, open competitive exams are required for public safety positions such as a Police Officer and/or Fire Fighter.

“All veterans should be provided easy access to the career opportunities they’ve earned,” Pennacchio added. “By removing red tape, we can help our heroes, and better protect our communities at the same time.”

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