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June 21, 2018
Pennacchio Bill Establishing NJ Greenwood Lake Fund Passes Senate

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Senator Joseph Pennacchio’s legislation establishing the “New Jersey Greenwood Lake Fund” to preserve and protect New Jersey’s second-largest lake has passed the New Jersey Senate.

Sen. Joseph Pennacchio’s legislation establishing the “NJ Greenwood Lake Fund” to preserve and protect New Jersey’s second-largest lake has passed the Senate. (GoogleMaps)

“One of Passaic County’s most popular and scenic waterways, Greenwood Lake supplies 3.5 million New Jerseyans and thousands of businesses with their drinking water daily,” Pennacchio (R-26) said. “Establishing an annual, permanent state funding source will guarantee our ability to maintain and safeguard this natural lake reservoir. This will ensure that generations of New Jerseyans can enjoy this beautiful waterway for years to come.”

Pennacchio’s bipartisan legislation, S-2167, commits $500,000 annually to the “New Jersey Greenwood Lake Fund.” The funding would be dedicated from existing New Jersey vessel registration and renewal fees from the “Maritime Industry Fund.”

An interstate waterway, Greenwood Lake spans nine miles across the New Jersey/New York border. The lake feeds two of North Jersey’s major sources of drinking water, the Monksville and Wanaque Reservoirs. Greenwood Lake is a popular tourist destination attracting swimmers, boaters, and fishers alike.

Monies dedicated to the Greenwood Lake Fund will be used to protect, preserve, maintain, and enhance the New Jersey side of Greenwood Lake.

In 2016, Pennacchio worked with municipal, county, and state leaders to secure a NJ Department of Environmental Protection grant used for tree-stump removal in Greenwood Lake. The submerged tree stumps posed a public safety threat for recreational use of the lake.

“Greenwood Lake is a wonderful resource for New Jersey,” Pennacchio added. “It is practical public policy for our state to establish a dedicated funding source to ensure the preservation of this treasured natural resource.”

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