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June 14, 2018
Holzapfel, Wolfe & McGuckin Blast Trenton Democrats’ Plan to Cut School Funding to Brick & Toms River

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Democrats Suggest Brick Property Taxpayers are Undertaxed by $754 and Homeowners in Toms River Underpay by $918

Senator Jim Holzapfel, Assemblyman Dave Wolfe, and Assemblyman Greg McGuckin (all R-Ocean) blasted a school funding plan proposed by Democrats in Trenton that would cut a combined $42 million in school funding to Brick and Toms River students and drive property tax bills higher by nearly $1,000.

Holzapfel, Wolfe & McGuckin blasted a school funding plan proposed by Trenton Democrats that could drive the average property tax bill in Brick and Toms River to increase by nearly $1,000. (Pixabay)

“Trenton Democrats have proposed cutting State aid to the Brick and Toms Rivers school districts by $22.3 million and $19.8 million, respectively,” said Holzapfel. “The Democrats’ plan would decimate our local schools and cause property tax bills to skyrocket. It’s an absolute disaster for both students and taxpayers.”

Wolfe highlighted the efficiency of the Brick and Toms River school districts, which spent $18,047 and $16,318 per pupil in 2016, respectively. He said that represents a significant savings for taxpayers over the average statewide spending of $20,385 per student.

“While Governor Murphy often talks about making New Jersey a good value for the money, Brick and Toms River have succeeded in offering our children a great education for thousands less per student than other school districts,” said Wolfe. “Rather than rewarding our achievement and holding us out as a model of efficiency for other districts to follow, Trenton Democrats want to slash our State funding and drive up our local property tax bills. It’s reprehensible.”

McGuckin slammed a claim made by Democrats that taxpayers in Brick and Toms River don’t pay enough in local property taxes to fund our schools.

“Democrats in the State House think property taxpayers in Brick can afford to pay another $754 in school taxes,” said McGuckin. “They think Toms River homeowners can afford to pay an extra $918 in school taxes. It’s clear that Trenton Democrats are out of their minds. I urge every concerned taxpayer to call Governor Murphy and tell him to kill this ill-conceived plan.”

Should the school districts attempt to raise taxes to the levels that Trenton Democrats say is appropriate, property tax bills in Brick could rise by 12 percent, while those in Toms River could go up a whopping 15 percent.

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