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April 10, 2018
3,000+ ‘Socks for Soldiers’ Collected By Corrado & Bateman

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Thousands of socks were collected as part of  Senator Kristin Corrado and Senator Kip Bateman’s “Sock for Soldiers” drive.

Sen. Kristin Corrado collected more than a thousand socks for her “Socks for Soldiers” drive. (

“Socks are one of the most common items service members request,” Corrado (R-40) added. “I am grateful to everyone who participated in this year’s ‘Socks for Soldiers’ drive. The thousands of sock donated this year will keep our heroes warm.”

Senator Kristin Corrado has long-been a passionate advocate for this cause, having first collected “Socks for Soldiers” during her time as Passaic County Clerk.

Senator Corrado also expressed her appreciation towards the local families, community organizations, schools, and businesses that participated in this year’s drive.

“Through the support of kind-hearted New Jerseyans, we’ve collected more than 3,000 pairs of socks for our ‘Socks for Soldiers’ drive,” Bateman (R-16) said. “Many socks will go to US Military serving overseas and others will be distributed to the homeless, and families in need right in our community. Thank you to everyone who donated!”

Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman collected thousands of socks for his “Socks for Soldiers” drive. (

The community organizations that assisted with Senator Bateman’s “Socks for Soldiers” drive include: the Somerville School District and Somerset County’s SHIP The Samaritan Homeless Interim Program. Father Ron, of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Somerville will also be distributing some of the sock donations to those who attend a soup kitchen at his parish. On Friday, March 30, local business owner Felix Ciattarelli also dropped off more than 600 pairs of socks for the collection.

The legislators thanked all New Jersey residents who donated to this year’s “Socks for Soldiers” drive. To learn more about how you can help, click here.

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