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March 5, 2018
Kean Reintroduces Legislation to Create State Tax Deduction for Contributions to New Jersey Charities

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Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean has reintroduced legislation to boost charitable giving to New Jersey non-profits that are on the front lines serving millions of children and families.

Sen. Tom Kean has reintroduced legislation to create a state income tax deduction to support New Jersey’s charitable non-profit organizations. (

The legislation will establish a charitable deduction for state income tax filers on the money and gifts they provide to charities operating in New Jersey.

“New Jersey’s non-profit charitable organizations provide critical services to children, families, and seniors in need,” said Kean. “Those educational, cultural, and civic organizations make our communities stronger and safer, but they often struggle for resources. Creating a new tax deduction for charitable giving will give New Jersey’s charities a boost while providing residents a new opportunity for tax relief.”

New Jersey is one of just 16 states without an income tax deduction for charitable giving. Connecticut, Delaware, New York and North Carolina are among dozens of states with lower income taxes than New Jersey and a deduction for charitable giving.

The legislation is a modified version of a proposal, S-334, first introduced in 2007 by Senator Kean.

“We’ve been fighting for years to increase support for charitable organizations that have been hurt by the flight of wealth to less expensive states,” added Kean. “This legislation helps us to accomplish that goal, with the added benefit that they often provide services that offset the need for government spending at taxpayer expense.”

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