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Senator Chris Brown Senator Chris Brown (R-2)
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March 5, 2018
Brown Bill To Protect Atlantic County Tourism Industry Advances

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Says Drilling Accidents & Oil Spills Would Put Atlantic County at Risk

Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Senator Chris Brown (R-2) that will protect Atlantic County’s coast and tourism industry by opposing a federal plan to allow offshore drilling for oil and natural gas in State waters has passed the Senate Environment and Energy Committee.

Senator Brown talks to local businesses about the impact of offshore drilling. (

“Protecting our environment and our way of life is not a Republican or Democrat issue,” Senator Brown said. “All of our Atlantic County families, retirees, and our local economy depend on us protecting our beaches and waterways.”

“It simply makes sense to preserve our $44 billion tourism economy and our commercial and recreational fisheries for our children and grandchildren,” Brown said.

Currently, a federal executive order seeks to encourage oil and natural gas production off the Atlantic coast. Allowing offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean would put at risk beaches, fisheries, and marine life along Atlantic County.

Senator Brown’s bill, S-258, would prohibit offshore drilling for oil and natural gas in State waters and prohibit the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) from issuing any permits and approvals for the development of offshore drilling facilities. Additionally, Senator Brown has launched an online petition to oppose the federal plan to drill off the coast of Atlantic County.

“We need to make sure New Jersey is a place we can afford to work, raise a family, and retire someday,” said Brown. “Offshore drilling would put those goals and thousands of Atlantic County jobs at risk.”

Brown’s petition to Stop Offshore Drilling can be signed at:

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