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February 21, 2018
Bucco Announces $5.18 Million in Local Transportation Infrastructure Projects

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Senator Anthony Bucco announced $5.18 million in awards for District 25 transportation projects from the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund (TTF).

Senator Bucco announced $5.18 million in funding for District 25’s road and bridge infrastructures. (

“New Jersey relies on stable and well-maintained infrastructure to keep our economy thriving,” said Bucco. “These grants will help us to get to work on important local road projects creation without burdening property taxpayers.”

This year’s Municipal Aid Program will distribute over $161 million in transportation aid, more than doubling the amount of grants from last year.

The $5.18 million in aid to District 25 will be used for 21 roadway projects, including road pedestrian safety and pavement projects.

“When our children walk to school or our families commute to work, we must trust that New Jersey has provided us with safe transportation infrastructure,” said Bucco. “A $5.18 million investment in local grants help provide much-needed safety improvements to our local roads.”

Projects Include:

  • Highland Avenue- $280,000.00
  • Lathrop Avenue- $275,000.00
  • Resurfacing of Rockaway Valley Road- $285,000.00
  • Fairmount Road Improvements- $335,000.00
  • Old Chester Gladstone Road- $240,000.00
  • Casterline Road & Union Hill Road Resurfacing Project- $180,000.00
  • Bergen Street Roadway Improvements- $145,000.00
  • Corey Lane- $265,000.00
  • Bissell Street Neighborhood- $185,000.00
  • Washington Valley Road Resurfacing Project- $550,000.00
  • Howard Boulevard Pedestrian Safety Project – $96,452.00
  • Mount Arlington Various Street Resurfacing Project- $290,000.00
  • North Pocono Road- $345,000.00
  • Carolyn Way, Oak Street & Wiltop Road Resurfacing- $220,000.00
  • Brookside Road Repaving Program- $217,500.00
  • Hoagland Avenue Road Resurfacing- $305,000.00
  • Main Street Succasunna Resurfacing Project- $137,500.00
  • Improvements to Adams Ave. and Polk Ave.- $110,000.00
  • Improvements to Naughright Road- $207,500.00
  • Baker Avenue Roadway Improvements including Union St & Division St- $265,000.00
  • Anderson Hill Road- $250,000.00

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