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February 20, 2018
Addiego, Howarth & Peters Announce Nearly $4.8 Million in Local Transportation Grants

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Towns in New Jersey’s 8th Legislative District will receive nearly $4.8 million in aid from the State Department of Transportation’s Municipal Aid Program.

Addiego, Howarth, and Peters announced nearly $4.8 million in local transportation grants for the 8th Legislative District. (Wikimedia Commons)

The 8th District delegation of Senator Dawn Marie Addiego, Assemblyman Ryan Peters, and Assemblyman Joe Howarth announced the funding on Tuesday, celebrating it as a way to offer property tax relief for residents as well as improving local infrastructure.

The 2018 Municipal Aid Program will distribute a total of $161 million – more than double last year’s amount – to almost 90 percent of New Jersey’s municipalities, making it the largest program in state history.

“The historic amount of transportation aid flowing to our local municipalities will provide property tax relief by lessening the burden on towns when it comes time to pay for much-needed road repairs and improvements,” Addiego said.

The $4,771,522 in aid to the 8th District will be distributed to 19 of its 20 municipalities and is allocated for specific road paving and reconstruction projects.

“Every year, municipalities have to make tough decisions on which roads to prioritize for repair. The increased funding should make those hard choices a little easier,” Peters said.

The increased funding is a direct result of the renewal of the Transportation Trust Fund last year.

“Providing property tax relief to the people of New Jersey is our top priority. Giving more state aid to towns for transportation improvements frees them up to be able to lower the tax obligations of their residents,” Howarth said.

Municipalities that did not receive an award will be notified by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and may be considered for other opportunities to make transportation improvements in their communities.

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