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February 1, 2018
Corrado Bill Warning Commuters On Pending Road Work Passes Senate

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Says Notification System Can Prevent Road Congestion for Commuters

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Kristin Corrado (R-40) to alert commuters of traffic that might result from planned road work was approved by the Senate and heads to the Assembly.

Sen. Corrado’s legislation would provide commuters with a clear and transparent warning of pending road work. (

“A hardworking single mother depends on accessible transportation to and from work. Without notifications of pending traffic, she may lose access to an income that provides for her family,” said Corrado. “Transparent communication and warnings are necessary to provide commuters with the proper tools to prepare for their daily commutes to work or pick up their children up after school.”

Major infrastructure closures create impacts across the state, including on rail lines, tunnels, and bridges. The seven-week closure of a New Jersey and Pennsylvania bridge, for example, displaced commuters impacting other roads and bridges across the state.

Corrado’s legislation, S-131, requires bi-state transportation agencies to notify commuters of pending road work through signs, newspapers, and written notice to municipalities, giving time for commuters to adjust accordingly.

“New Jersey is not a vacuum, families depend on work outside the state from New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Our bi-state tunnels, bridges, and rail lines provide the lifeline to these out-of-state jobs,” said Corrado. “We can both enhance our infrastructure and provide advance notice to commuters prior to their daily journey. Transparency will continue New Jersey’s long tradition of being a vibrant and accessible place you can live in.”

The legislation now heads to the Assembly Transportation Committee.

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