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January 29, 2018
Connors, Rumpf & Gove: Barnegat Bay Must Remain State Environmental Priority

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Senator Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove want State policy under the new Administration to continue to reflect the critical need for protecting Barnegat Bay.

Connors, Rumpf, and Gove want New Jersey’s environmental policy under the new Administration to continue to reflect the critical need for protecting Barnegat Bay. (Wikimedia Commons)

“Protecting Barnegat Bay was elevated to a top state environmental priority several years ago, and rightfully so. Notwithstanding the tremendous progress already made, especially in terms of raising awareness of key factors impacting the Bay, a continual commitment is necessary to improve water quality, safeguard wildlife habitats and reduce pollution.

“While the enactment of protective laws and regulations as well as funding have been critical, it has been the efforts of volunteers, largely comprised of local residents including students, who’ve laid the foundation on how best to protect Barnegat Bay moving forward. Mass clean-up efforts led by the DEP known as ‘blitzes’ mobilized thousands of people and were highly successful in cleaning up trash in and around the Bay. Equally important, they afforded civic-minded persons a hands-on opportunity to participate in a large-scale environmental protective effort.

“Barnegat Bay holds a special place in many persons’ hearts, which is why the effort to protect it elicited such an immediate and overwhelming public response. This is why we remain committed to protecting the traditional uses of the Bay embraced by clammers, waterfowl hunters and recreational fishermen and firmly oppose establishing conservation zones to cutoff access to designated areas of the Bay, as was once proposed.

“Since their activities necessarily depend on ecologically viable resources, these individuals have proven themselves great stewards of the Bay. Excluding clammers, waterfowl hunters and recreational fisherman from their activities, in any way, would be detrimental to any overall Bay protection strategy, given their expertise and vested interest in such an effort.

“Not surprisingly, the state effort over the past several years to protect Barnegat Bay has been decidedly bipartisan. We anticipate that continuing to be the case and, therefore, look forward to working with the Murphy Administration on Barnegat Bay, open space and other environmental initiatives important to our constituency.”

Click here for informative public education resources prepared by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

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