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January 16, 2018
Kean & Corrado Applaud Pay Equity Executive Order

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Corrado to Introduce Comprehensive Pay Equity Legislation

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean (R-21) and Senator Kristin M. Corrado (R-40) applauded an executive order signed by Governor Phil Murphy today to improve pay equity in the State’s workforce.

Sen. Tom Kean and Sen. Kristin Corrado applauded an executive order signed by Gov. Phil Murphy to improve pay equity in the State’s workforce. (

“The salary offered to a prospective employee should be based on what a job is worth rather than the candidate’s prior compensation,” said Kean. “In instances where a person was the victim of pay discrimination in a previous job, this executive order will help them to advance their career free of any long-term income effects that might otherwise follow.”

Executive Order #1 prohibits employers in the executive branch of State government from asking prospective employees about salary history unless and until a detailed offer with compensation has been made.

Further, the executive order prohibits State employers covered by the order from independently investigating the salary history of prospective employees, including by contacting previous employers or searching public record database.

“Pay discrimination shouldn’t follow people from job to job, but that’s exactly what happens when employers discover a candidate was underpaid in a previous position,” said Corrado. “Employers are then more likely to offer a candidate less than they deserve, perpetuating wage discrimination into the new position. This executive order would prevent that, helping to ensure pay equity for State workers.”

Corrado also announced plans to introduce new comprehensive pay equity legislation that builds upon efforts that began in the 2016-2017 legislative session.

“While the executive order represents a good step for State employees, all workers in New Jersey deserve the opportunity to be paid based on the quality of their work rather than on their gender,” said Corrado. “I believe it’s critically important for all women in New Jersey that we get back to work to enact comprehensive pay equity reforms.”

Kean will join as a sponsor of the new legislation.

“We were very close to achieving bipartisan consensus last year on pay equity reforms to strengthen protections for women without imposing excessive burdens on employers,” Kean added. “I believe we have a new opportunity to advance this important effort with bipartisan support.”

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