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December 13, 2017
Pennacchio: Hack of PSE&G Customer Data Shows Need for Credit Report Legislation

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Bill Would Allow Consumers Three Free Credit Reports Annually to Monitor Impact of Data Breaches

Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26) said that news of a new hack that may have compromised the data of millions of New Jerseyans served by PSE&G, the state’s largest electricity provider, highlights the need for his legislation to provide consumers with more free credit reports annually.

Pennacchio: Hack of PSE&G Customer Data Shows Need for Credit Report Legislation (©iStock)

“New Jersey consumers cannot afford to wait a year to see what their credit report is,” said Pennacchio. “Recent evidence of a hack of the state’s largest utility signifies the importance of having more consumer protections in place. Allowing customers to be in the financial know-how can reduce and prevent security breaches in the future.”

Pennacchio’s bill, S-3583, calls for consumer reporting agencies to provide customers with three credit reports a year.  Currently, such companies must make available one annual credit report for consumers.

This comes at a time when financial security breaches are plaguing the country.  Recently, a third-party partner of Public Service Electric & Gas was hacked and up to 2.5 million customers’ data may be compromised.

“One annual credit report is not sufficient,” added Pennacchio. “We must remain vigilant against viral hackers who can steal millions of consumers’ data in an instant. Having such minimal safeguards in place is common sense legislation to best protect New Jerseyans.”

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