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November 30, 2017
Senate Committee Advances 9th District Delegation Veterans’ License Plate Initiative

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Christopher J. Connors which would authorize a special “Support Our Veterans” license plate with proceeds supporting New Jersey homeless veterans’ centers was advanced by the Senate Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Legislation by Sen. Chris Connors would create special ‘Support Our Veterans’ license plates in support of New Jersey homeless veterans’ centers. (©iStock)

Under Senator Connors’ bill, S-2322, there would be a $50 initial fee, in addition to the registration fees required by law, with a $10 annual fee, in addition to the renewal fees required by law. The Assembly companion bill, A-1540, was passed unanimously by the full Assembly on June 22 of this year.

Senator Connors, along with his 9th District legislative colleagues Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove, issued the following statement about the recent legislative action:

“This initiative would offer New Jersey motorists the opportunity to demonstrate their support for our veterans while also voluntarily providing additional funding to get homeless veterans off the streets and into shelters.

“After deducting of the cost of producing and publicizing the plates, all revenue generated through the purchasing of the special license plates would be deposited into a special non-lapsing fund known as the ‘Support Our Veterans License Plate Fund.’

“In the event this bill was signed, purchasers of the license plates could be confident that the funds they are contributing would be effectively utilized as the programs administered by the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs, including those for homeless veterans, are exceeding well-run by dedicated professionals.

“This veterans’ initiative would financially support the Department’s current efforts to reduce the number of homeless veterans to the greatest extent possible, so that these individuals who’ve served our nation and are deserving of our eternal gratitude can begin the transition to a better quality of life.”

Members of the 9th Legislative District delegation serve on the Senate and Senate Military and Veterans’ Committees. In March of this year, legislation authored by the delegation was signed into law requiring that a portion of the tenant-based rental assistance vouchers under the State rental assistance program (SRAP) for grants are reserved for veterans.

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