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July 21, 2017
Bucco Constitution Week Resolution Signed into Law

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A resolution sponsored by Senator Anthony Bucco (R-Morris, Somerset) to establish “Constitution Week” was signed by Governor Chris Christie.

A resolution sponsored by Sen. Anthony to establish ‘Constitution Week’ was passed by the New Jersey Senate.  (National Archives)

“The Constitution is one of the most important documents in our country’s history,” Senator Bucco said. “It lays out the important ideals of democracy that well all hold dear. It’s important for us to reflect on this blueprint of freedom as it deserves to be seen: as the crowning achievement of our founding fathers.”

The resolution, SJR-31, designates Sept. 17-23 of each year as Constitution Week and calls for special activities that will raise public awareness about the important role the Constitution plays in everyday life.

The United States Constitution was signed by 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on Sept. 17, 1787. New Jersey’s own Constitutional Convention convened in Trenton three months later where delegates unanimously agreed to ratify the Constitution on behalf of the state’s residents.

“To see a document written by a group of Americans more than 200 years ago still having such a significant role in life today is truly astonishing to think about,” Senator Bucco said. “I think that is a testament to the ideas of freedom and liberty that the founding fathers wanted to instill in our new nation. We can honor them and our history by continuing to uphold those rights.”

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