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July 17, 2017
Connors, Rumpf & Gove: Predictably, Trenton’s School Funding Fairness Plan Was a Bust

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Senator Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove all remarked on how, once again, Trenton power brokers ensured that the people of the 9th Legislative District will get severely shortchanged in terms of State school aid.

Connors, Rumpf, and Gove remarked on how Trenton power brokers have ensured that the 9th Legislative District will get severely shortchanged in State school aid. (

As part of its constituent outreach efforts, the 9th District delegation issued the following joint statement:

“Once again, the state’s school aid formula failed students, teachers and taxpayers in the 9th Legislative District, as several school district are targeted for aid cuts. Trenton outdid itself by not just continuing to underfund our schools but to go one step further and cut school aid, even to school districts in areas still recovering from Superstorm Sandy.

“As we predicted, a special committee on school funding fairness produced recommendations that, in the end, only further politicize how our schools are funded. Worse, the status quo was maintained to ensure that Abbott districts, located mostly in urban areas, continue to receive a windfall of funding at the expanse of taxpayers living in suburban and rural areas.

“As if we needed any more proof that State school aid is politicized, one only has to consider the debacle to raid Horizon’s surplus funds. Callous by even Trenton’s standards, a deal was proposed to allow for a state raid of Horizon’s surplus funds in return for, among other things, a redistribution of state school aid that was politically convenient and expedient.

“What does Horizon’s surplus funds have to do with the distribution of school aid? This is the question our delegation asked of our colleagues while conveying that, under no circumstances, would we sell out our constituents in any backroom budget deal.

“Ultimately, it was the people who stopped the Horizon raid by drawing a line in the sand that Trenton’s power brokers wisely chose not to cross. But this, unfortunately, was not the case with the school aid portion of the deal. Negatively impacted school districts and taxpayers must now prepare to be even more underfunded.

“To our constituents, we can only say that while things in Trenton seem only to get worse and, regardless of whatever agenda is pushed by power brokers, our delegation will act in what is best for the people of our legislative district.”

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