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July 7, 2017
Bucco Improves Educational Opportunities, Provides Property Tax Relief via FY18 Budget Resolutions

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Senator Anthony Bucco, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, has secured funding to support millions of New Jersey students, including children who attend a private school, students serving in the armed forces, and participants in the EOF program.

Sen. Anthony Bucco sponsored FY18 State Budget resolutions to support New Jersey’s students, schools, and provide property tax relief to local residents. (SenateNJ)

Bucco fought tirelessly to ensure the FY18 State budget included an appropriation to increase state aid for extraordinary special education, which will provide property tax relief to residents across New Jersey.

“Helping municipalities cope with the high cost of funding special education services has long been a core Senate Republican priority,” Senator Bucco (R-Morris) said. “Although there is certainly room for improvement within this budget, I am pleased to see that we are doing something to address the enormous burden education costs have on our local taxpayers.”

Four of Senator Bucco’s education-related budget resolutions will support New Jersey’s private schools, by increasing funding for bussing, technical upgrades, and hiring school nurses and security guards.

A longtime supporter of New Jersey’s veterans, Senator Bucco also sponsored a budget resolution to provide tuition waivers to members of the National Guard.

Bucco also worked to secure funding for the New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF,) to ensure that hardworking students can go to college in this, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

A copy of the Fiscal Year 2018 State Budget, including a list of these resolutions, can be found here.

“Finding enough money to fund vital programs for our students and our schools without digging a deeper hole in the budget is never easy. The state doesn’t have an unlimited amount of money,” Senator Bucco added. “New Jersey has had quite a financial comeback in the last eight years. Throughout the next fiscal year, I will be keeping a watchful eye on our spending. I hope that my colleagues in the Legislature will continue to do the same.”

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