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July 7, 2017
Bucco Protects State Funding for Healthcare, Services for NJ’s Most Vulnerable

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Senator Anthony Bucco, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, said that the FY18 State Budget appropriations he secured will improve the quality of life for people in need of affordable healthcare and support services statewide.

Sen. Anthony Bucco sponsored FY18 budget resolutions to provide funding to safeguard health services for New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents (SenateNJ)

Senator Bucco fought tirelessly to ensure that the final fiscal plan included enough funding for the lifesaving nonprofits, medical centers, and state departments that are critical to safeguarding the health and welfare of families throughout New Jersey.

“I am particularly proud of the choices we made to improve and expand services for our most vulnerable residents,” Senator Bucco (R-Morris) said. “Home healthcare aids work incredibly hard, but they are sorely underpaid. Most are only making $10 an hour. This budget provides funding for wage increases, which will undoubtedly improve the quality of care provided to more than 30,000 seniors and disabled residents statewide.”

Senator Bucco has strongly advocated for appropriating funds to provide wage increases for Direct Support Professionals; people who care for seniors and the profoundly disabled. To that end, two of Senator Bucco’s resolutions to increase funding for DSPs and nursing homes are included in the FY18 State budget.

Two of Senator Bucco’s resolutions provide funding for cancer research, including funding for the esteemed Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, and the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research. A portion of those funds will be dedicated specifically to ovarian cancer research.

Senator Bucco also engaged in a bipartisan effort to secure additional funding for New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NJCASA) and other programs and services to prevent rape and domestic violence, and support survivors.

“As legislators, our number one priority should always be to protect people from harm,” Senator Bucco added. “That’s why I make a concerted effort each year to find a fiscally-responsible way to strengthen these lifesaving programs and services. I am proud to say this budget fulfills that promise.”

A copy of the Fiscal Year 2018 State Budget, including a list of these resolutions, can be found here.

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