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May 15, 2017
Oroho Bills to Aid Farmland Preservation Advanced by Senate Panel

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) to allocate more funds to help preserve New Jersey farmland was advanced by the Senate Environment Committee today.

Sen. Steve Oroho’s bill to help preserve more New Jersey farmland was advanced by a senate panel. (

“Our heritage as the ‘Garden State’ goes back hundreds of years, and our farming tradition is still thriving in many families and communities throughout the state, especially in many of the areas that I represent,” said Senator Oroho. “These funding measures will help us continue our mission in saving that rich agricultural legacy.”

The legislation, S-2987 and S-2989, appropriates monies from existing farmland preservation trusts to the State Agricultural Development Committee (SADC) for farmland preservation purposes. The monies will also be used to provide grants to counties and municipalities as well as nonprofit organizations for farmland acquisition and preservation purposes.

“I always say we need to help keep the farmer on the farm,” said Senator Oroho. “These bills will enable our agricultural heritage to endure.”

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