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May 1, 2017
Thompson Bill to Study Energy Storage Advanced by Senate Panel

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Sam Thompson (R-Burlington, Middlesex, Ocean, Monmouth) explore opportunities to improve New Jersey’s electrical infrastructure through energy storage was advanced by the Senate Environment and Energy Committee.

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Sam Thompson to study energy storage was advanced by a Senate Panel. (Flickr)

“Finding new ways to store energy on the power grid has the potential to completely transform the way we generate and use electricity,” Senator Thompson said. “It could also be key to making renewable energy more efficient and practical. It’s important for us to study whatever new systems might be available to ensure we have stable and modern energy infrastructure going into the future.”

The legislation, S-3064, requires the Board of Public Utilities to conduct an energy storage analysis and study how renewable electric storage systems might benefit ratepayers in the state. The board will study what kinds of technologies are available and what kinds are being used in other states. The study will help determine the optimal amount of energy storage to add to the state’s infrastructure over the next five years.

Energy storage allows electricity to be produced during relatively inexpensive off-peak hours to be stored for use at high-use periods through the use of batteries and other devices. The batteries can range in size from a small system used to power a single home to larger units that can power an entire grid.

“Our energy needs are evolving every day and so are the systems that bring us our electricity,” Senator Thompson said. “We need to stay on top of the latest technology to ensure our residents get reliable and affordable electricity.”

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