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April 3, 2017
Kean Urges Gateway Tunnel Investment in Wake of NJ Transit Train Derailments

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Following the April 3 NJ Transit train derailment, Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean Jr. released the following statement reaffirming his support for investing in the Gateway Project, and other infrastructure projects benefiting New Jersey commuters.

Following NJ Transit train derailments, Sen. Tom Kean urged support for funding the Gateway Project and other infrastructure projects critical to New Jersey commuters. (

The April 3 derailment occurred less than two weeks after a NJ Transit train was sideswiped by a derailed Amtrak train at New York Penn Station.

“NJ Transit riders cannot afford any more major disruptions that put their safety and their job security at risk,” Senator Kean (R-Union) said. “The Gateway Tunnel would provide one-seat rides to Manhattan on every NJ Transit rail line, alleviate congestion and ensure that New Jersey commuters reach their destination safely and without delay.

“There seems to be a bipartisan agreement among State and Federal legislators that investing in transportation infrastructure projects is critical to creating jobs and securing longterm economic growth, not to mention protecting the thousands of tri-state area commuters who rely on mass transit. Two train derailments in fewer than two weeks should be enough to make this a top priority.”

An NJ Transit train traveling along the Northeast Corridor derailed Monday morning as it approached New York Penn Station. The derailment resulted in four train passenger injuries and required the evacuation of 1,200 passengers. Four New Jersey rail lines were shut down as a result.

Senator Kean has long supported funding the Gateway Project and other transportation infrastructure projects, such as a new bus terminal and the Hudson –Bergen light rail expansion. For more information, click here and here.

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