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February 13, 2017
Holzapfel: Ill-Conceived Sanctuary Cities Bill Could Devastate New Jersey Budget

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Senator Jim Holzapfel (R-10) announced his opposition to legislation, S-3007 /A-4590, which would require the State to reimburse local governments for the loss of federal funds that result from their status as a “sanctuary” jurisdiction.

Sen. Jim Holzapfel strongly opposes legislation to require NJ to reimburse local governments for the loss of federal funds that result from their status as a “sanctuary city.” (

“The legislation has the potential to devastate our state budget by shifting a $15 billion burden onto New Jersey taxpayers,” stated Holzapfel. “While this ill-conceived legislation is designed to make a political statement, it lacks a financial statement that addresses the tremendous tax increases it would require.”

According to the FY 2017 state budget, New Jersey municipalities are expected to receive $15.7 billion in federal funding this year.

The legislation would allow municipalities or counties who have been denied federal funds to apply to the state Commissioner of Community Affairs for a “dollar-for-dollar” match to compensate for the withheld federal money.

“Why should taxpayers across the state pay for the decisions of local governments that declare themselves a sanctuary from immigration law enforcement?” asked Holzapfel. “This bill could potentially have ten times the financial impact of the gas tax increase that generated a statewide public outcry, yet we haven’t had a single public hearing.”

“I don’t understand why we’re voting on bills like this when the New Jersey Senate hasn’t addressed the real problems in our state,” added Holzapfel. “We need to take action to cut property taxes and address education concerns, and not waste time on careless bills designed to make political statements at the expense of taxpayers.”

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