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January 9, 2017
Beck’s Legislation Inspired by Congresswoman Gabby Giffords to Increase Domestic Violence Protections Signed Into Law

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Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-11) and Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean (R-21) commended Governor Chris Christie for signing into law a bill inspired by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to expand domestic violence protections.

Sen. Jennifer Beck’s legislation to increase protections for victims of domestic violence from gun violence was signed into law by Gov. Chris Christie. (©iStock)

S-2483, sponsored by Beck, restricts access to firearms by certain persons subject to restraining orders or convicted of domestic violence offenses and provides a clear and supervised process for the immediate surrender of firearms.

“The enactment of this landmark legislation will prevent domestic abusers from committing acts of gun violence,” Senator Beck said. “We are thankful for the support and great inspiration provided by Gabby Giffords to enact these reforms that will protect our most vulnerable residents from harm. We’ve succeeded in closing a dangerous loophole and delivering on our promise to safeguard families from domestic abusers with access to firearms.”

“The inspiration provided by Congresswoman Giffords encouraged us to act, and the invaluable support of Americans for Responsible Solutions helped us to find a solution to protect the victims of domestic violence,” said Kean. “I want to thank Governor Christie and Majority Leader Weinberg for their partnership and leadership to enact these sensible reforms. We ended up with a practical solution that undoubtedly will save lives.”

Some key components of the legislation:

  • Provides a process for the immediate surrender of firearms by a defendant post-conviction;
  • Establishes that when a final restraining order (FRO) or a temporary restraining order (TRO) requiring the surrender of firearms is served, a law enforcement officer will escort the subject to the location of their stored firearms to effectuate surrender;
  • An order to surrender firearms will include notification of potential penalties for failure to comply with the order; and
  • Enhanced penalties for domestic violence offenders, including maximum penalties for second and subsequent offenses of third or fourth degree domestic violence crimes.

“Today, the Garden State became a safer place to live. This is a real victory for the kind of common sense and bipartisanship that our country needs a lot more of,” said Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Captain Mark Kelly, the Co-Founders of Americans for Responsible Solutions. “We are grateful to Senator Jennifer Beck and Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean for their leadership on this important issue and to all who stood up for this responsible legislation that will help protect New Jersey women and families from gun violence.”

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