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November 29, 2016
Cardinale Applauds Governor’s Announcement of State House Renovations

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Senator Gerry Cardinale (R-39), a long-time member of the New Jersey State House Commission, applauded Governor Chris Christie’s announcement of plans to complete a long overdue renovation of the executive branch portions of the State House.

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“As one of the longest serving members of the Legislature, I’ve seen a lot of changes around the State House complex,” said Cardinale. “While much has changed, including the construction of new offices for legislative staff, the Governor’s portion of the State House has only deteriorated from the already poor state it was in when I first arrived.”

The New Jersey State House is the second oldest continuously operating state house in the country. Portions of the building were first constructed in 1792.

Under the plan announced by the Governor, the affected sections of the State House will be vacated to allow for a complete renovation, including the installation of functioning HVAC systems, fire sprinklers and other infrastructure, as well as the repair or replacement of other known problems, including sinking foundations and loose windows.

“The New Jersey State House is the heart of our state government and a place where countless people come to learn about and be part of the legislative process,” added Cardinale. “Unfortunately, it simply isn’t a safe place to work in or visit, and we’re lucky that we haven’t had a real emergency when the building is in session. I look forward to reviewing the details of the Governor’s full proposal to begin advancing this effort to improve the safety of our State House.”

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