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November 3, 2016
Oroho on Environment Committee Hearing on Proposed Septic Density Changes for Highlands Region

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Senator Steven Oroho (R-24) responded to a hearing held today by the Senate Environment and Energy Committee on the Department of Environmental Protection’s proposed changes to septic system density standards for the Highlands Region:

Sen. Steven Oroho reiterated his support for revisions to septic density standards in the Highlands Region to support the economic growth goals of the Highlands Act. (Morris County Preservation Trust)

“The proposed revisions to the septic density standards will provide some measure of relief to the present regulations that stifle economic growth in the Highlands Region,” said Oroho. “No matter how much overzealous environmentalists scream, no, the sky isn’t falling, but a little bit of sun is shining through.”

In a recent editorial, Oroho highlighted how some have misrepresented the goals of the Highlands Act to suggest that economic growth in the Highlands Region is not a primary designated purpose of the law.

Citing the language written into the law, he wrote: “Protecting the quality of life of Highlands residents, ensuring the economic viability of Highlands communities, and promoting economic growth in appropriate areas of the Highlands are, in fact, clearly designated goals of the Highlands Act.”

Regarding the proposed septic density changes, Oroho added: “These revisions will stimulate job creation and economic opportunity, while still protecting the water quality and carefully preserved open space throughout the region.”

Read Oroho’s full editorial here.

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