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October 25, 2016
Doherty, Bateman & Beck Blast Democrats’ Plans to Fund Pork Rail Projects with New Gas Taxes from TTF

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Say Democrats Are Pulling Bait & Switch on Drivers Who Were Promised Safe Roads and Bridges from 23 Cent/Gallon Gas Tax Increase

After raising the gas tax by 23 cents per gallon, Senate Democrats announced their support for spending $1 billion of gas tax revenues to pay for an expensive light rail project.

Senators Mike Doherty, Kip Bateman and Jennifer Beck blasted today’s announcement by Senate Democrats that they want to fund an expensive light rail project with revenues from the 23 cent per gallon gas tax increase. (

“The ink hasn’t even dried on the gas tax increase, yet Democrats are already scheming ways to divert billions paid by drivers to build the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Extension and other similar projects in their districts,” said Doherty. “We warned that this is exactly what they would do, and now they’ve proven us correct. It won’t be long before they’re back asking for another gas tax increase.”

“Democrats insisted that a huge gas tax increase was necessary to ensure safe roads and bridges for the drivers who will pay the extra taxes,” said Bateman. “They’ve proven today that nothing could be farther from the truth. Just as we suspected, their plan all along was to fuel pork spending on rail projects while returning zero additional value to drivers.”

“Today’s announcement by Senate Democrats proves that all of the skeptics of the gas tax increase were right on the money,” added Beck. “When Democrats are done paying for their pet projects with drivers’ tax dollars, very little will be left to improve our highways. Democrats have again demonstrated their mastery of bait and switch taxation.”

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