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May 24, 2016
9th District-Supported Bill Requires Pledge of Allegiance & U.S. Flag at All Public Meetings

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All public bodies under the Open Public Meetings Act would be required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and to display the United States flag at the beginning of meetings under legislation prime-sponsored by Senator Christopher J. Connors.

All public bodies would be required to display the United States flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of meetings under legislation sponsored by Sen. Christopher J. Connors. (Wikimedia Commons)

The legislation, S-308, was approved by the Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee on May 23. Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove have requested to join as cosponsors on the Assembly companion version, A-777, which has been referred to the Assembly State and Local Government Committee.

“Under current law, public bodies are not required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or to display the U.S. flag,” said Senator Connors. “While the overwhelming majority of public bodies do both voluntarily, I have joined with Senator Jeff Van Drew in a bipartisan legislative effort, to statutorily require that these patriotic acts be carried out as part of the public hearing process.”

Senator Connors further remarked, “Essentially, the intent of the legislation is to prevent a loophole in current law from being exploited by any public body foregoing the process as a sign of protest or contempt against our country. Unquestionably, such an outrageous act would be deeply offensive to many, most especially to those who have served our nation for which the U.S. flag and Pledge of Allegiance take on a deeper meaning due to their service and sacrifice.”

Members of the 9th District legislative delegation serve on both the Senate and Assembly Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committees.

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