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May 2, 2016
Advanced: Doherty Bill Requiring MVC to Issue Windshield Certificates for Vehicles Exempt From Inspection

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Michael Doherty (R-23) to require the Motor Vehicle Commission to issue certificates to vehicles exempt from inspection has cleared the Senate Transportation Committee. This would include passenger vehicles from 1995 and older under a change coming to the state inspection program.

Sen. Mike Doherty’s legislation requires the NJMVC to issue windshield certificates to vehicles exempt from inspection, to prevent confusion arising from changes to the state’s inspection program. (

“Issuing these exemption certificates is a commonsense update to existing law that would have a positive impact on countless New Jersey drivers,” Senator Doherty said. “Preventing unnecessary motor vehicle stops enables law enforcement officials to save valuable time and police resources, and focus on keeping our roadways and communities safe.”

Under Senator Doherty’s bill, S-1423, the exemption certificates would be displayed in the same manner as the approval certificates affixed to the windshields of vehicles that pass inspection, unless the chief administrator of the MVC determines otherwise.

Currently, the owner of a vehicle that is exempt from state inspection must carry all of the documentation necessary to prove exemption status, or face a penalty. Vehicles currently exempt from inspection include historic, classic or collector cars; motorcycles, farm equipment and certain diesel-powered vehicles.

“New Jersey drivers operating vehicles from 1995 and older will soon join the classic car enthusiasts, motorcyclists, and farmers whose vehicles are currently exempt from inspection,” Senator Doherty added. “As the MVC prepares implement this change, it is imperative that we act swiftly to enact this legislation, easing the burden for this growing class of drivers across the state.”

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