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March 22, 2016
Update from Cardinale on Carry Permit Legislation

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In response to some of the concerns that arose following the announcement of legislation introduced last week to allow judges and legislators to obtain handgun carry permits, Senator Gerald Cardinale (R- Bergen, Passaic) offered the following statement:

My current introduction of a very modest modification of the case law definition of ‘Justifiable Need’ has already revealed the anti-gun lobby as opposing the basic human right of self-defense. There is no realistic probability that judges or legislators will misuse guns, but opposition by Miller and other anti-gun activists to my proposal is quite revealing.

“On the other hand, many pro-self-defense supporters are upset that my proposal is so narrow. They understandably want equal treatment.

“For many years I have proposed ‘shall issue’ reform carry legislation applicable to all. But my legislative colleagues have rejected considering carry legislation reforms that have promoted self-defense and simultaneously reduced gun crime in Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and some 30 other states.

“S-1982 at least has reopened the debate. I respectfully request the opposition from both sides re-read the entire bill, not just the headlines.

“Consider carefully, if King George had thought to successfully impose gun control on the 13 colonies, 1776 would be just another uneventful date in history. America owes its freedom to citizen gun ownership.”

Update (3/24/16): Cardinale to Introduce Bill Allowing Access to Carry Permits for Lawful Citizens

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