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February 16, 2016
Addiego, Rodriguez-Gregg & Howarth Statements on Governor’s Budget Speech

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District 8 legislators Senator Dawn Marie Addiego, Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg, and Assemblyman Joe Howarth issued the following statements following Gov. Christie’s Budget Address to a Joint Session of the Legislature today.

The 8th District delegation at the Governor’s Budget Address. (Facebook)

Sen. Addiego: “This budget builds on the successes and priorities of the last six years. Without increasing state taxes, New Jersey will invest an additional $548 million in school aid, and every public school will benefit with more money for education. This significant investment will provide desperately needed property tax relief for New Jersey families.”

Asw. Rodriguez-Gregg: “The Governor has constructed a plan to sustain New Jersey’s recovery even as economies around the world struggle. Our state has consistently added jobs for New Jersey wage earners, the unemployment rate has dropped to the national average, and in 2015, we had the strongest private sector job growth in 15 years. As a member of the budget committee, I look forward to working with this conservative budget to ensure continued job growth and affordability for the state’s working families.”

Asm. Joe Howarth: “The proposed budget maximizes taxpayer dollars and effectively funds the critical programs New Jersey families rely upon. Without increasing the burden on taxpayers, the budget that includes increased funding for education, and an unprecedented $1.86 billion to fund pensions for public workers. The state economy is expanding, and this sensible spending plan ensures the money is used for the benefit of the state’s taxpayers.”

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