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March 2, 2016
Cardinale to Scutari: Regain Control of Judiciary Committee & Schedule Bauman Hearing ASAP

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Ranking Republican Judiciary Committeeman Gerald Cardinale urged Senate Democrat Judiciary Committee Chairman Nicholas Scutari to regain control of that committee and schedule a state Supreme Court confirmation hearing for brilliantly qualified David Bauman.

Sen. Gerry Cardinale urged Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Nicholas Scutari to schedule a confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee David Bauman. (©iStock)

“Chairman Scutari and I have a long history together serving the public on this committee, and I consider him a friend. I know he’s smart enough to understand that there is no constitutional basis to deny David Bauman’s nomination. He knows there’s no language in the constitution about Supreme Court political balance or anything to do with the partisan makeup of the High Court or any constitutional requirement about political affiliations of Supreme Court justices.

“I get that he’s trying to be loyal to his fellow Democrat politician, the Senate President, but I urge him to shift his loyalty to the 8.9 million New Jerseyans who are being denied justice, property tax relief, proper affordable housing and healthcare resolutions due to the lack of a full state Supreme Court.

“If the Democrats truly believe that the political affiliations of judges impacts their abilities to objectively interpret law, wouldn’t they be insisting that all judges in New Jersey must be registered unaffiliated?

“As Senate Democrats are constantly trying to change our state constitution with proposals that are anti-American and anti-democratic, schemes that fulfill a national Democrat socialist agenda, and gifts for their special political class of campaign backers, it’s more important than ever that we have a full state Supreme Court to interpret and uphold New Jersey’s constitution.

“Does Chairman Scuatri have the power and will to rise above politics and do the right thing by immediately scheduling a years-overdue confirmation hearing for this qualified nominee? I think he does. On behalf of the people, I hope he does.”

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