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June 30, 2015
Governor’s Executive Order Implements Addiego/Allen Call for Expedited Gun Permit Applications for Victims of Domestic Violence

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Senate Republicans Dawn Addiego and Diane Allen stated the following after Governor Chris Christie announced he had signed an Executive Order expediting firearms applications for victims of domestic violence:

An Executive Order signed by Gov. Chris Christie implements a call by Sens. Addiego and Allen for expedited gun permit applications for victims of domestic violence. (

“We’re glad to see Governor Christie agrees with our approach to ensuring victims of domestic violence have their firearms applications processed quickly and without delay.

“The Governor’s Executive Order immediately puts into effect the heart of the legislation (S-3062) we announced earlier this month to prioritize firearms permit applications for residents protected by a current restraining order.

“We will continue to work to put this protection into law so that it can’t be changed by future governors.”

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