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November 13, 2014
Pennacchio-Sponsored Port Authority Reform is Good, But Why Do Dems Continue to Ignore DRPA?

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Senator Joe Pennacchio issued the following statement after the Assembly today passed legislation he sponsors reforming and bringing accountability to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey:

Sen. Joe Pennacchio questioned why Democrats continue to ignore accountability and transparency reforms at the Delaware River Port Authority despite advancing legislation to address those issues at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. (Kevin Burkett/Flickr)

“It’s all well and good that Assembly Democrats finally passed this needed reform legislation for the commuters and taxpayers of North Jersey,” Pennacchio (R-Morris) said. “However, as they patted themselves on the back today, Democrats in both houses continued to neglect South Jersey residents and the need to bring accountability and transparency to the Delaware River Port Authority.”

“It’s no mistake that the DRPA is the subject of an ongoing, expanded federal investigation,” Pennacchio continued. The public agency has squandered hundreds of millions of public dollars on outlandish employee perks, patronage hires and pet development projects, yet Democrat leaders refuse to take any steps to advance reform legislation that will make sure that type of gross mismanagement isn’t repeated. Their hypocrisy is startling and shameful and they must be held accountable by the media and public for treating half of this state as second-class citizens.”

In April, Assistant Senate Republican Leader and Transportation Committeeman Pennacchio joined counterparts in Pennsylvania’s legislature to introduce DRPA reform bill S-2013. The Pennsylvania Senate, with unanimous support from Democrats and Republicans, approved an identical version of S-2013 by a vote of 50-0 on Sept. 24, 2014.

S-2013 is one of a number of pieces of reform legislation sponsored by Senate Republicans to Make New Jersey the Place to Be by increasing accountability and transparency and ending waste and abuse.

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