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June 23, 2014
Senate Passes Holzapfel, Singer Bill Expanding “Pet Purchase Protection Act”

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The full Senate today passed legislation sponsored by Senators Jim Holzapfel (R-10) and Robert Singer (R-30) that would require pet stores to display additional information about each dog and cat for sale, including the name and address of the breeder. 

“We’ve heard too many stories about puppy and kitten mills that breed and keep too many animals in unhealthy and inhumane conditions,” said Holzapfel. “By requiring increased disclosure of a cat or dog’s history at the point of sale, we can give consumers the opportunity to research the breeder and their reputation and make an informed decision on where to make their purchase.”

The measure also prohibits pet shops from selling or offering for sale, or purchasing for resale, dogs or cats obtained from breeders or intermediaries who are unlicensed, not in compliance with laws and regulation regarding the care of animals, or who have been issued certain citations on USDA inspection reports.

“We must make it harder for puppy and kitten mills to anonymously breed and sell masses of unhealthy pets to consumers, who often are provided little if any information on the source of the cat or dog they are purchasing or the animal’s medical history,” added Singer. “The protections offered by this legislation will help put the bad breeders out of business and ensure that fewer families are heartbroken by a new puppy or kitten falling ill.”

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