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December 5, 2013
#TBT from Cardinale: Democrats’ False Promises, Fantasies & Lies about Obamacare

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Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-Bergen) offered a glimpse of some New Jersey Senate Democrat false promises and fantasies about the federal Affordable Care Act for #ThrowBackThursday.

“No doubt, Senate Democrats held today’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the federal Affordable Care Act as a political stunt to take shots at the Christie Administration,” said Commerce Committee member Cardinale. “Try as they might, Democrats can’t hide from how their once-beloved Obamacare is causing devastating hardships on the people of New Jersey and America. Our President has established himself as a habitual liar and no number of committee hearings or task forces can change that reality.”

“The Commissioner’s testimony today revealed two promises broken by the Obama Administration: New Jerseyans cannot keep insurance policies they may want and their former plans have to become more expensive,” Cardinale added. “Specifically, New Jerseyans cannot under the Affordable Care Act renew their existing ‘Basic and Essential’ policies or even renew their Cadillac Standard Plan D without additional coverage and expenses being added to those policies.”

“Hard working New Jerseyans have been told another lie by our President: His declaration that if a state’s insurance commissioner allowed it, people could renew their existing policies for another year,” Cardinale continued. “But when New Jersey’s Commissioner tried to allow that renewal, the federal government denied the waiver request.”

A look back at some of the failed promises by Senate Democrats:

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, June 28, 2012 Press Release:

“By affirming the constitutionality of the ACA, the Supreme Court has sided with responsible public policy which would put health care within reach for all people – regardless of race, gender, creed, income, or pre-existing conditions.”

Senate Commerce Committee Chairwoman Nia Gill, June 28, 2012 Press Release:

“Under the Affordable Care Act, hundreds of thousands of uninsured New Jerseyans will be provided quality, affordable health care coverage. Consumers will be protected from abuses and be able to purchase insurance that best suits their individual needs.”

Senate Health Committee Chairman Joseph Vitale, May 20, 2013 Press Release:

“Federal health reform will provide hundreds of thousands of our residents with the ability to gain access to affordable health care coverage … The health exchange will be a vital point of access for New Jersey residents who are uninsured and underinsured to gain coverage.”

Cardinale notes: “The disastrous results in terms of health care purchasing are now obvious, but Obamacare has also so far abused hundreds of millions of the people’s tax dollars on failed implementation. The ACA also makes people pay for coverage that cannot even exist. For example, the Commissioner highlighted today how it requires pediatric dental coverage even if there is no child covered by a policy.”

Senator Gill, March 19, 2013 Press Release:

“A statewide effort to promote awareness of the establishment of the health insurance exchange, the eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures will go a long way to ensure maximum participation and cost savings by our residents and businesses.”

Cardinale notes: “It’s a good thing the governor has taken a thoughtful approach and we didn’t waste state tax dollars to promote and advertise a failed and broken website.”

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