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September 18, 2013
Thompson: Old Bridge School Among Recipients of $1 Million in Grants to Improve Achievement for Students with Disabilities

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Senator Sam Thompson (R-12) said that Jonas Salk Middle School in Old Bridge will be a recipient of a portion of $1 million in grants announced by Governor Christie to improve student achievement for students with disabilities in low performing schools.

Through the newly announced grant program, the Jonas Salk Middle School will receive $78,750 to help improve literacy and math skills for students with disabilities.

“Every student in New Jersey, including those with disabilities, deserves the opportunity to receive a good education that will provide them with the skills needed to succeed as adults,” said Thompson. “The grant announced for Jonas Salk Middle School will ensure that the school has the extra resources needed to help students with special needs to obtain those critical skills.”

The grant was designed and awarded by the Department of Education as part of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) grant. The IDEA grant program allows the New Jersey Department of Education to decide how the funding will be allocated to assist students with disabilities.

While New Jersey has utilized discretionary special-education grants for many years, this is the first year that the grant funding has been structured as a competitive program specifically targeting districts with Priority and Focus schools. The Department opened applications in May, and 29 districts applied for grants.

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