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January 3, 2013
Pennacchio: ‘Special’ Budget Hearing? Really the Democrats 2013 Campaign Kick-Off

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Senator: Democrats Are Budgetary Hypocrites

Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-Morris) stated the following about today’s “special” Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee meeting:

“Today’s ‘special budget hearing’ was really the Trenton Democrats attempt to kick off their 2013 gubernatorial campaign against Gov. Chris Christie. It was a blatant show of hypocrisy at the expense of New Jersey residents, whose money and resources should not be squandered on political games.

“In January 2009, when former-Gov. Corzine turned a $600 million surplus into a multibillion dollar budget deficit, the Democratic majority did not call a ‘special’ hearing. In four consecutive months leading up to February 2009, then-Gov. Corzine projected positive revenues, while OLS snapshots showed state sales and income taxes were negative. Rather than conducting any budget hearing in January 2009, the Senate Democrats passed in February 2009 a bill to shift hundreds of millions of dollars to try to cover Corzine’s looming budget shortfall. They didn’t try to humiliate that governor. They just tried to solve his problem.

“Gov. Christie has always delivered a constitutional, balanced budget. He filled Corzine’s multibillion dollar deficit to balance his first budget.. He balanced this year’s budget — with a $465 million surplus and $183 million designated for tax relief — after cutting approximately $87 million in spending requested by legislative Democrats.

“I take seriously my state budget oversight duties as a member of this esteemed committee. But this committee should not be used for political games that waste time and public resources.

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