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May 31, 2012
Pennacchio: Boxer’s Report on Colleges Shows Need for ‘Transparency in Government Act’

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Senator Joe Pennacchio, R-Essex, Morris, Passaic, renews his call for this legislature to pass the “Transparency in Government Act” to prevent abusive spending of public moneys by New Jersey’s community colleges, as detailed in state Comptroller Boxer’s report released Thursday.

“Comptroller Boxer has found deeply troubling levels of arbitrary, wasteful spending that New Jersey’s community colleges are getting away with,” Pennacchio said. “The ‘Transparency in Government Act’ would make community colleges and other entities own up to this abuse in the public eye and report spending to the state Treasurer, making people immediately aware of college presidents being reimbursed for country club memberships, spouse’s travel or $400 lobster dinners.”

The Act, S-302, establishes a singular finance website that the public can use to track state spending and spending by all county and local entities that receive state tax dollars.

Pennacchio’s “Transparency in Government Act,” first introduced in January 2008, was passed by the full Senate last session, but unfortunately died by Assembly inaction.

“Taxpayers have a right to know and track how their money is being spent,” Pennacchio added. “Dozens of states already authorize their taxpayers to track public moneys online, consistent with this Act’s establishment of a user-friendly format that can be accessed from homes, businesses and libraries.”

“This common-sense legislation, in line with our residents demands for government accountability, simply must not languish another day,” Pennacchio concluded.

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