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February 6, 2012
Oroho/Bucco Bill Providing Tax Breaks to Businesses Employing National Guardsmen and Reservists Advances

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Legislation authored by Senators Steven Oroho (R- Sussesx/Warren/Morris) and Anthony Bucco (R- Morris/Somerset) providing tax credits to businesses employing members of the New Jersey National Guard or reservists in the United States Armed Forces has been cleared by the Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

The bill, S-234, gives employers a credit against the New Jersey Gross Income Tax and/or Corporation Business Tax of 20% of an employee’s salary, not to exceed $2,000 per worker, when an employee is called to active duty.

“Members of our military reserve units and the National Guard must go about their professional careers knowing that they can be called to active duty at a moment’s notice,” said Oroho. “The businesses that employ these men and women operate with a similar level of uncertainty, knowing that a valued employee can be called away to serve at any time. This bill encourages businesses to hire and retain service members and helps compensate them for the disruption an employee’s mobilization orders can cause to that employer’s operations.”

“Members of the National Guard and military reserve units are some of the most highly skilled and well-trained members of our workforce,” said Bucco. “Businesses that employ these men and women make service in the reserves and National Guard possible for many citizens. Our legislation recognizes the important sacrifice these employers make when a soldier is called to active duty and recognizes that without these businesses, the National Guard and reserve units would have a more difficult time recruiting those interested in serving in a part-time capacity with our armed forces.”

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